Sept. 16th & 17th, 2017




Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 9:30 a.m.
Longview Horse Park - 12600 Raytown Road - Lee’s Summit Judge: Mike Swain, Sedalia, MO-AQHA, APHA,ApHC,PHBA, NSBA,POA

PEHSC TRIPLE POINT SHOW - Admission: $3.00 Adults - FREE 10 & Under - Stalls Avaliable $40.00 FEES: Open Classes $15.00 (Payback $25-$20-$15-$10-$5) - Equitation $7.50 (No Payback Classes 1-2)
$250 Jackpots Entry Fee $25.00 (Payback $100-$60-$35-$30-$25)


  1. Showmanship 17 & Under
  2. Showmanship 18 & Over
  3. Pony Halter Open, All Ages
  4. Miniature Horse Halter Open, 38” & Under
  5. Halter Saddle Type, All Ages
  6. Halter Stock Type, Western/Hunt Tack, All Ages
  7. Leadline 6 & Under
  8. Walk-Optional Gait, Beginner Rider, 11 & Over English/Western
  9. Walk-Optional Gait, Open, 10 & Under, English/Western


  1. Walk-Optional Gait Equitation, 11 & Over, English/Western
  2. Open Pleasure Horse English Equipment Walk-Opt Gait-Canter
  3. Walk-Optional Gait, On-Lead, 8 & under, helmets required.
  4. Pony Pleasure Driving, Open (No ADS Rules)
  5. $250 Jackpot OGB (Any Gaited Breed) 2-Gait, Lite Shod, Opt. Tack
  6. Miniature Horse Driving Open 38” & Under
  7. ASB 3-Gaited English Country Pleasure, All Ages
  8. Pleasure Driving Turnout, Open (No ADS Rules)

  1. Foxtrot, Ladies’ Open, no Canter


  1. $250 Jackpot Hunt Seat Pleasure, Open
  2. Youth Walk Only, Open 12 & Under, *English/Western, Pleasure (Helmet Required)
  3. UPWHA Walking Horse English Pleasure, 2-Gait
  4. Arabian/Half Arabian Hunter Pleasure, Open
  5. Pleasure Driving Working, Open (No ADS Rules)
  6. May West-Jack Benny, 39 & Over
  7. Pleasure Driving, Open (No ADS Rules)
  8. $250 Jackpot Western Pleasure, Open (Walk, Jog, Lope)
  9. UPWHA Walking Horse Western Pleasure 2-Gait
  10. Stock-Type Pleasure Western/Hunt Equipment
  11. Fox Trot Men's, Open, No Canter
  12. Western Pleasure, Senior Horse, (6 yrs & Over)
  13. OGB (Open Gaited Breed) Water Glass Open Pleasure Horse
  14. Western Equipment, Walk-Opt Gait-Canter
  15. Spotted, Paint, Appaloosa, Pinto, Palomino, Buckskin, Dun Pleasure

Negative EIA within past 12 months required - Registration Papers Required for Breed Classes
No Stallions to be shown in Juvenile or Equitation Classes
Longview Horse Park is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained in any way to horse, equipment, exhibitors, or spectators Show Management reserves the right   to refuse any entry
The show will comply with the Horse Protection Act of 1970 (Sentae Bill #2543)

Show Manager: Tracy Kenega - 816-588-6234 –

Show Secretary: Ginny Charnesky, 816-500-8163 -
EMT: TBD - Vet On Call

We have an American Driving Society carriage show called
My Revelation Carriage Classic coming up July 1st and 2nd.

Attention, carriage drivers! Here are the My Revelation Carriage Classic ribbons to be awarded July 1st and 2nd. Check out the famous photo of Loula Long Combs and Revelation in the center of the rosettes, image used with generous permission from the Kansas City Museum. LVHP/CDSGKC Board Member Rae Jean Powell spearheaded this project and deserves great gratitude from our exhibitors. These ribbons honor Mrs. Combs' memory and the legacy of her 70-year show career. AWESOME!

Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials in May at Longview Horse Park
2017 MCPC Omnibus Listing (.pdf file)

Welcome to Longview Horse Park, an entity of Jackson County Parks + Rec, Kansas City, MO. Longview Horse Park is a premier all breed/discipline equestrian venue. It encompasses 535 pristine acres, and was the original home and farm of distinguished equestrian, Loula Long Combs. Longview Horse Park is unique in that it serves the Midwest equestrian community in all disciplines. It is governed by the Longview Horse Park Association, a not for profit, 501c3.

We are a committed group of volunteers whose mission is to preserve, improve, grow and serve as stewards for this beautiful Kansas City treasure. Our inspiration comes from Loula Long Comb’s. Her brilliant equestrian career followed her philosophy of life. “ Hold God in reverence; respect your fellow man; be kind to animals; be a good sport; a humble and generous winner, a brave and cheerful loser; follow the rules, and play a clean game”

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The Longview Horse Park Association

Click Here For Photos From - Cathcard Memorial Horse Show 2015

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